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ORCC- working in partnership with OCVA


Bulk oil buying scheme from ORCC Trading Ltd.

Contact Information:  

If you require any further details, queries or membership enquiries, please contact Sue Hunt:  01865 883488 email: oil@oxonrcc.org.uk. 

To join the scheme see form further down this page.

To take advantage of our bulk oil buying scheme all you need to do is pay an annual membership fee of £24, which will cover as many oil orders as you need during the course of the year. 

To be included in the next month's order round send your membership application and annual fee to ORCC at least one week before the order deadline.

New to using oil?  Visit this website for hints www.centretank.com.

Bulk oil ordering dates

Calendar for Ordering and Delivery 2015.

Final deadline for ORCC to receive all orders for inclusion in the next Bulk Oil Order is 5.00 pm on  Monday 10th August 2015 for delivery of oil by end of Monday 24th August.

PLEASE NOTE: members should refer to their local co-ordinator's deadline for receiving order forms, which will give an earlier date.

If you community does not have a co-ordinator, please contact the oil buyer direct.

Please also refer to the calendar of ordering/delivery dates for future orders.  We can only include members' orders if annual membership is paid up to cover the relevant order/delivery period.

Monthly bulk oil order price - 27th July 2015

The oil orders for this month

Member's Price:     31.32ppl (for delivery by Friday 7th August)
(All prices +5% VAT)

Any queries contact Sue  at oil@oxonrcc.org.uk or call 01865 833488

How it works

  1. your local co-ordinator will remind you that an oil order is due to be placed and to let them know if you require oil this month.  Please note that you will need to allow a maximum of approx. 10 working days for delivery of oil from the monthly bulk oil order date.  
  2. The co-ordinator will collate all orders in their area and let our oil buyers know who would like oil that month.  
  3. The oil buyers will then negotiate on behalf of Oxfordshire the bulk purchase price. 
  4. You will receive a email from us confirming the price and delivery details.
  5. Payment for the oil will be direct to the oil buyers, preferably by Direct Debit or by credit card at time of order.  If you choose Direct Debit or by Credit card at time of order
  6. Oil will be delivered according to any delivery instructions you have already given us i.e. if you need a phone call to unlock the tank etc. 

Does your community have a local co-ordinator?

View the list - Parishes with local co-ordinator October 2014


No local co-ordinator for your community?  Why not volunteer?

The information leaflet about the role of the co-ordinator will tell you more.


Membership fees

All you have to do to take advantage of this scheme is to complete the membership form below and at the same time arrange payment of the annual fee.  We will do everything else.  

  • Membership Fee £24.00 (inc VAT)

Payment can be made by cheque payable to ORCC and sent to ORCC, Jericho Farm, Worton, Witney, OX29 4SZ or by direct bank transfer (BACS) Acc. no. 50681512 Sort code 20-98-48. Please give your surname as a reference.

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